Tuesday, May 26, 2015

daylilies - flower garden bullies

My new plants have been waiting for me to clear a spot for them in this flower bed.

  Daylilies that were here, had been multiplying and advancing until they were hogging this whole area.  I made the decision to remove them all, because they are so aggressive in my nice loose flower bed soil. 
They are supposed to be lifted and divided every couple of years in  the fall, and that's not a task that I enjoy.

Finally, I have this section cleared of them...except the tubers that dropped off and stayed buried. I will have to deal with those later.

Many of the daylilies have been temporarily replanted in a daylily purgatory in the bare spot where the shed was torn down.

Others are being given away for free as I get them dug up and taken out to the road. 

yes - the sign has a misspelling

I still have all of these to dig.  It really is the wrong time of the year to move them...but they are tough and I  think they will rebound.  

Here is a little deer - just waiting for me to put my new plants out so he can bite them off at ground level. 

He came up pretty close...maybe 15 feet from the back porch.  I took that  photo from inside the kitchen window.

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