Tuesday, June 23, 2015

barbecue and buckskins

My husband's middle son, Victor, called last weekend and invited us to join him and his wife for dinner at a favorite  barbecue joint, in honor of Fathers Day.

Victor told us they would be coming directly from a "Muzzle Loader Rendezvous" and would be wearing their "buckskins".

It looks like they walked right out of the past, doesn't it?
What these "Rendezvous" are, are events where history buffs and muzzle loader enthusiasts meet to create a sort of living history type gathering ...dressing in clothing that would have been worn back then (1800's) and participating in muzzle loader competitions...and more.

When Victor began going to these events, he decided he would not only wear authentic buckskins...he would actually make them....the whole process...from skinning the deer to cutting and stitching the garment.

Here is a close look at his leggings...pretty nice stitching for a first timer!

He has described the treatment process of the hides. It involves soaking them in a lye mixture to remove the hair. The outer layer of the skin is removed (or else it would be stiffer leather - not buckskin). Then it's a soap bath and a lot of stretching and rolling the hide.  Victor said, near the end of the process, the hide suddenly just changes and softens.

Here is Marie's leggings. He stitched hers differently, using strips of the buckskin to lace through the punched holes.   

He has even sewn a buckskin coat, but of course too hot to wear at this time of year.

He made their moccasins. Those are harder leather - not the buckskin.

He also made this antler handle knife and the case for it.   Pretty clever!

They both enjoy going to those Rendexvous events...both shoot the muzzle loaders too!  

I like to see people so gung-ho with the things they are interested in. It makes them interesting.

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