Friday, June 26, 2015

garden veggies

Lonnie planted green peppers and jalapeno peppers this year.  He is getting some nice peppers from both, already!   He suggested that we make some stuffed green peppers.

I think I have only made those once in my life, but I see a highly rated recipe on, so I might give it a try.

The leaves on the plate are basil that I planted.  I haven't grown it before so it's trial and error on how big the leaves should be for picking.   So far, smaller is better. They get tough and sort of hot tasting as they get bigger.

I had planted zucchini seeds too. They came up and got their first true leaves and then just stopped growing. I pulled one up and the roots didn't look normal. They were just short claw-like roots, with none of the fine hair-like roots that you might normally see.  
I think it's a problem with the seeds. It's the same packet I used last year and those plants produced very few zucchini. They would bloom but no zucchini would form afterward.

Elsewhere around  the yard, I have started clearing and mowing a path through our wooded side lot.  It doesn't go far yet, but it's pleasant and inviting to look at.

that's a curve...not the end

Can you see Ms Rabbit in the photo below?  She is sitting right in the middle of her dinner...that patch of white flowers.
I had taken the flowers out of a hanging basket and planted them in the ground, because the basket would dry out so fast.  It only took about 2 days before Bunny had nibbled them off at ground level.

She is just so cute that I can't be mad at her!

These 3 little fat squirrels are thoughtfully munching on some cantaloupe seeds and pulp that I tossed out for them. They seemed to really enjoy it.

We did see a coyote come up to the edge of the yard a couple of days ago. I hope he keeps moving along.
They do carry rabies and have been known to attack and bite humans when rabid.  
If I see him again I will scare him away  and make him think twice about coming around.

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