Monday, June 22, 2015

Henry Bain's Sauce

Last week, the Sasquatch brought over this bottle of Henry Bain's sauce that he bought on close-out at Kroger. The bottle is usually $7.99 ... but was marked down to $1.59, and so he thought it would be something interesting to try out.

Does it sound like something you have heard of before? We all thought so. 
It is a local product, named after it's creator, Henry Bain, a former employee (long deceased now),  at Louisville's Pendennis Club.
He developed the sauce in the very early 1900's, to complement wild game that members brought in to be prepared at the club, and also for steaks served there. 

So this week I have been searching the internet for recipes using this sauce. Most of the recipes were for beef tenderloin, which is way over my Sunday dinner budget!
And I can guarantee you that no wild game will be prepared in my I settled on making up some meatballs to pour it over.

I baked  the meatballs first and drained the fat off, then poured the sauce over and put it back in the oven for a few minutes. 

We liked it, but not enough to pay full price for a bottle of it. It is fun to try new things, though!
The Henry Bain's sauce is tangy and sharp...pretty much like a good quality barbecue sauce.

For Sunday dinner we had the Henry Bain's meatballs, homemade potato salad, cornbread casserole, Bush's baked beans, and steamed mixed vegetables...oh, and fresh cantaloupe chunks.

Sugar cookies for dessert.

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