Friday, June 12, 2015

cooking ahead

One day earlier this week, I was planning on mowing grass in the afternoon, so I wanted to have something that would be quick and easy for dinner that evening.

I decided to go ahead and cook some black beans and rice...which could easily be reheated later.

While that was cooking, I thought, why not go ahead and make food for several meals, since we both had different things scheduled throughout the week.

So, I made us a fridge full of leftovers!

Black Beans (cooked with onions,green peppers and rotel tomatoes)
Basmati Rice
Tyson chicken tenders
Macaroni and 'maters'  - but with curly noodles
Fried okra (pre breaded frozen)
Buttered broccoli
Coleslaw (it is a green vegetable!)
Baked bacon (for the freezer, for BLTs, but was also good crumbled on the macaroni).
Five Cup Salad
Cake (mix and icing- both a manager's special at one wanted blue cake)

It was nice to get all the major clean up done at once and for the rest of the week no worrying about what's for dinner. I did have to make a little bit of chicken gravy later, because the chicken was dryish.

I sometimes would cook ahead like this when my sons were still living at home and we were all working...different schedules and them in and out with other activities.

I cooked the rice this time using coconut oil in place of olive oil.
 Supposedly the coconut oil provides some health benefit.  

You never know what to believe but it sure smelled good cooking with the Basmati rice in the rice cooker!

It gave the rice a slight coconut flavor, too, but that worked out fine, served with the spicy hot black beans.

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