Wednesday, June 10, 2015

string trimmer warranty repair

Trouble again this summer with my Stihl string trimmer.

It was working fine, then suddenly the head stopped spinning.  The Sasquatch took a look at it and figured that probably the drive shaft was broken (the part inside the long tube that's between the engine and the head).

I was afraid that would be a pricey repair, so I started looking around on the Stihl website in case I had to buy a new one. You can't order online but you can read about the features of each model.
While I was looking at the website, I noticed "Lifetime Drive Shaft Warranty "

HUH!       Could it be real?  

I took my trimmer back to the place I bought it to have them look at it.

they are a Stihl dealer

I asked them about the warranty, but they wouldn't say yea or nay...but I knew what I read on the website and left it there for repair.

A week later, they called with the good news! It was a broken drive shaft and they had it repaired and ready to pick up.  

A couple of four legged customer service reps there...

All parts and labor were covered under the warranty. It didn't cost me a cent!!

And they even cleaned it up for me...

I am really impressed with Stihl as a company...offering such a good warranty. 

I was sort of disappointed that I didn't get to buy a new trimmer though.  I had my eye on a straight shaft one.  People seem to prefer them over the curved shaft ones like mine.

I am happy, though.  Now, back to trimming!

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