Saturday, June 20, 2015

my flag goes to Frankfort

Back in May, I posted this photo and told about how a few members of my quilting group, Mt Washington Quilting Bees, set up a display of our work at the welcome center to participate in Bullitt County Tourism Week.

A few local officials came by that day to give speeches, including Representative Linda Belcher (on the far right in the photo).

While they were there, Ms Belcher fell in love with a bargello patchwork flag that I had made (there on the front of the table.)
She asked if she could buy it...or if I would make one for her. She wanted to frame it and hang it in her office!

It didn't take me long to decide to just give her that flag. It has just been rolled up in the closet at my house for a couple of years..

She was so happy with it and I was really flattered that someone liked liked something I'd made, that much.
I did ask her to email me a photo when she had it up in her office.
So earlier this week, I got this email.....



Linda Belcher

Jun 17 (2 days ago)
to me
This is your flag framed ready to be hung in my Frankfort office. I love it -- hope you like it too!  Thank you.
Linda B

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Here it is a little larger.  This makes me happy!  I am having a good week!


  1. What an honor for you !!!! It is a beautiful flag and I'm sure in Frankfort all will enjoy seeing it for many years to come. Another CONGRATULATIONS Darla.....This is your year !!! HUGS DianeK

    1. Thanks Diane! I do feel honored. But I never expected anything like that to happen to that flag. In fact, it is the first thing I ever free motion quilted (beside practice pieces). Now I wish I had tried for a neater job on the binding too.