Saturday, June 13, 2015

Corvette plant tour

Lonnie and I drove down to Bowling Green to take a tour of the Corvette plant.

Years ago, when my sons were young, we were going to do this plant tour one summer day while school was out.  I had scheduled a day off work and we drove down there...only to find the plant was closed for two weeks for re-tooling.  This was way before you could find out everything you need to know about that sort of thing on the internet.

I never got around to taking the boys down there again, but now I am going to tell them it's a worthwhile day trip!

front of the factory
Unfortunately no photos were allowed inside.  The tour lasted about an hour. A guide explained what all we were seeing and answered questions.
They build the entire car there...even the engine.  In fact, they have a special program for Corvette buyers - for an extra $5000, you can assist the technician with building the engine that will go in your car!
the plant is huge!
The part I liked best was when a car was finished and came to the end of the line. It sits on it's tires for the first time and a worker gets in and starts it up! Vrooommmm!

There is still more testing after that. It was pretty impressive the way they completely check out the cars before shipping them out.

one more uninteresting outdoor photo
We really intended to go to the Corvette Museum too (where the sinkhole opened up and swallowed several Corvettes), but we were hungry, so we went to eat instead. We will make another trip sometime to see the museum.

My husband has the GPS  trained to find the barbecue joints. This one is less than 3 miles from the factory,

he could tell it was going to be good by the sight and smell of smoke coming from behind the building!
It was a very casual place...but really busy...nearly always 2 or 3 people in line for carryout food.

We each ordered a smoked pulled pork sandwich and ate there at the inside tables.
I forgot to photo my sandwich until I had  eaten half of it...not very nice of me to show this, I guess!

The sandwiches were so good, we got back in line and ordered a pound of pulled pork to take home...and we already talked about going back there when we go back to the Corvette Museum. 

Getting home was a nightmare. We were sitting in traffic about two hours. It turns out the interstate was blocked off because of a semi tanker crash...and all the traffic was being rerouted onto a winding country road.

It took about three and a half hours to get home (would have been about an hour and a half normally). 
But we made it in safe - that's what's important.

Here are the websites you can click if interested:

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