Saturday, June 6, 2015

what I've been sewing

When I finished that Shimmering Stars crib quilt, I had every intention of working through my pile of stuff to be mended.
There is a pair of my husbands pants, included in that pile, that need to be re-hemmed. They have cuffs, so I keep putting it off.  He hasn't asked me about them, so I think maybe he has forgotten he bought them.
Oh well, it will be a nice surprise for him when I finally get them done!

But before I started on the mending, I wanted to catch up with this 2015 "block of the month".  My group that meets at the extension office is doing this one.
I had missed a meeting last month, so I had two month's blocks to sew (two per month).

Here are the blocks..

 And now here they are with the frames on them and laid out with all the previous month's blocks.

These aren't colors I would have normally put together...I was matching colors in that black floral fabric that I wanted to use up. 
I like it so far, though. Probably because it's bright.

Now, I will put this stuff away for another month and then get to work hemming those pants (yeah, right)


  1. I love the frame. It is less boring than the plain sashing.

  2. I have a pair of husband's pants to mend too. When I get to them. This summer he hopes.

    1. Lori, maybe we should secretly just take those pesky pants somewhere that does alterations?