Friday, June 5, 2015

Quilting Bees summer pot luck

The Mt Washington Quilting Bees gathered earlier this week for our annual summer pot luck meal.
No meeting...just fun and games and a lot of food!
We invited another quilting group," Northeast Quilting Friends", to come and spend the day with us and share our meal.

The first event was a "yard sale". Not the usual kind of yard sale. We all brought in any quilting or sewing items we no longer wanted - marked with our name and a price - and spread them around on tables, where we could shop each other's stuff.

Looks like there were some good deals to be had...the cashiers were collecting lots of cash! (later turned over to the sellers)

Next, three of the ladies from our group performed a funny little song and skit. 

Then it was meal time. Take a look at all this food!

Here's the other end of the table... 

 But wait! Here are the desserts...

Notice that Bee striped tablecloth above?   My friend, Sandy, brought that in. (she's closest to the camera...or her arm and forehead, anyway) .. She is always busy as a bee, getting things set up and made nice for everyone.

After the meal we played a game to win fabric strips from each other.  It's called "Right, Left, Center" and it's played with special dice. When you roll, you find out if you pass a fabric strip to the person on your right, or to the left, keep it, or put it in the center (or kitty). You keep taking turns until all the strips end up in the center...the last one with fabric left, wins it all!

Here is Shirley, our president , about to lose some strips!

I lost all of mine,too...but it was fun to play!   Maybe I'll win them back next year.

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