Friday, June 19, 2015


Before the internet, I was a catalog shopper. When we got our first home computer, the first thing I did was set up an email account and then ordered a pair of tan corduroy jeans from LL Bean, online.

Now I order nearly everything online. I like the convenience (and the fun of getting packages delivered!).
The downside, is that I have a lot of cardboard boxes and other packaging to deal with....and I feel wasteful and sort of guilty just throwing it in the trash

That's why I get aggravated when companies mindlessly use excessive packing materials. This is one of the most ridiculous examples...

The outer package was that blue heavy plastic bag.  I couldn't imagine what was in it because of the size..and I could feel that puffy bubble pack thingy inside.

So, I was a little excited for a minute, but then I could see inside that it was only wart remover pads. Nothing glamorous after all. Notice that they felt it was important to stuff a wad of brown paper in the bubble pack, too.

So, the blue bag, the bubble pack, the brown paper...and now the box that holds these thin plastic wrapped wart remover pads....which could have easily been mailed in an envelope.

So wasteful!   I think I will email the company (and Amazon, whom the order came through) and include these pics. Maybe employees need to be better trained on packing the orders.

And now everybody knows I have a wart.  Sheesh!

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  1. Amazon has a shipping/packaging feedback tab somewhere. We rip the boxes open and pave the garden with them...