Friday, July 24, 2015

brakes are broke

My poor Jeep!

I had been noticing the brakes feeling different recently.  Then, on the way to the dentist yesterday, I was sitting at a stoplight and my brake pedal went nearly to the floor and my warning light came on!

Lonnie had noticed some fluid dripping from underneath the Jeep the day before....hmmm...must have been brake fluid.

Whooo! Was I nervous!   I could have called AAA for a tow to a repair shop, but I'd probably still be sitting there waiting on them.
I did still have braking ability, and Ken Towery's was only a few miles away,  so after my dentist visit I slowly and cautiously made it over there.

It didn't take long for them to check for the problem.

A leaking brake line.  It needed replaced and wouldn't have been a huge deal...except for one part...hard to locate because of the age of the Jeep (20 years old!).

This little dealie won't be in for 6 to 8 days!
It's a part that connects the brake line to the caliper.  The old one was too rusted to be reused.

I asked they could "overnight" the part...I would be willing to pay the cost - but somehow that is not possible.
I asked if I could call around myself (to special Jeep parts companies) and try to get the part overnighted. They were very agreeable to that.   But, three places I called didn't have it in stock.

So now I just wait.

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