Thursday, July 23, 2015

quilt group day trip

Seventeen members of my quilt group (including me) got together to carpool to Whittles, a discount fabric store in Smiths Grove KY.  It's about a ninety mile trip each way, so it makes a good day trip.

The store is sort of tricky to find. It's back a country road and it's just this ordinary gray building...with only that one plain looking sign.

we're here!

But when you get inside it is jam packed with bolts and bolts of cheap prices.


There is so much that it's hard to make a selection. Some of the ladies came prepared with a list or with clippings of fabrics to look for coordinating fabrics.

After leaving Whittles with our loot, we made a short stop at another small quilt shop in town, then on to our next destination.....

The Whistle Stop Restaurant in Glendale KY.

I had eaten here before with Lonnie. It's big country cooking meals! 

They have fried green tomatoes that were crunchy and good!

I ordered a Hot Brown....

Then it was back home again.  We all had a fun time and dutifully helped to stimulate the economy!

Here is the fabric I bought...not to match, or with anything particular in mind. Just to have some choices and inspiration for future quilts I'll make. 

A couple of them will be good for baby quilts. I can guarantee there will be more of those to be made. (babies and quilts!) The rest are just fabrics that I liked.

Now, I need to get sewing!

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