Saturday, July 11, 2015

frogs..catalpa worms

The Sasquatch has a new phone that takes really good photos. Much better than my little camera.

Or maybe he is just a better photographer than I am!

He took these pictures of a big frog by his driveway.  (look how you can see the dew drops on the grass)

This frog was born for a modeling career!

This is a different frog nearby...about one third the size of the first one.

If you are interested, here is a short video (just over a minute) that the Sasquatch filmed when he took a catalpa worm over to feed it to the frog...

He will be turning it into a pet!

Those catalpa worms must be so delicious...everything wants to eat them.
This is another photo he took of a wasp feeding on a dead catalpa worm.  You can see cocoons of parasitic wasp larvae are also attached to the worm. That's probably what killed it.  (great photos, right?)

This is the Sasquatch's huge Catalpa Tree (my photo).  He said, after a storm recently, there were two turtles and a frog under the tree, hunting around for any catalpa worms that were blown down in the storm.

Some times in the summer, the catalpa worms eat every leaf off of this tree. It doesn't harm the tree though.

I have a young Catalpa Tree that I started from the seeds of his tree..maybe about four years ago. It's already about seven feet tall.    It hasn't had any worms on it... yet!

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  1. We had one in our front yard back home and one day I looked out and the yard was full of neighbors and friends (guys) climbing the tree (they brought their own ladders) and picking the worms and putting them in coffee cans. BEST FISHIN" WORMS EVER....So get up there girl and pick those worms....sellem out front...DianeK