Friday, July 31, 2015

give me a "brake"

Good news about my Jeep! The part they were waiting on came in sooner than expected and the brake line was replaced and I picked up my Jeep.

But, the brakes didn't feel like they did before the problem occured. The brake pedal was pushing in much further than it should.

I mentioned it to the Sasquatch and he suspected that the repairman didn't fully "bleed" the brake lines (which means they get all the air out of the line so it is completely full of brake fluid).

When the Sasquatch took a look at it, he found out why they didn't do this easy, but important part of the job.
The "bleeder valve" on the caliper was corroded and couldn't be opened to do the bleeding.

Fortunately a new caliper wasn't very expensive and not difficult to put on. The Sasquatch had it done before I even knew he was back with the new part!

I wonder why Ken Towerys repair man didn't think about doing this.  What's the use of paying a lot for brake repairs and coming away without fully functioning brakes? 
Very disappointing.

I am glad my sons are good at fixing things!

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