Saturday, July 18, 2015

two weird things

An unexplained mystery here in darlaville.  A crop circle in the yard. Cue the Twilight Zone music!

I noticed it while I was mowing.  It was so weird that I turned off the mower and went to get my camera.
The grass is denser and darker in the outline of the circle. I should have taken a close up.

Not as distinct from this angle. You can see the size of it compared to the mower. Nothing has been planted here since we've lived here (since 1986).

It's a puzzle. I went ahead and mowed over it. I will take a look after while and see if it's still visible.

****EDITED:  My friend, Shirley, emailed to tell me that this is a "fairy ring", and it's cased by a type of fungus that is growing in the dirt underneath. 
You can click HERE to read more about it.  Lots of superstitions about them back in the old days. 

No photos of weird thing number two.  I was finishing up weeding a flower bed a couple of evenings ago. It was getting close to dark...harder to see the weeds.
I heard a siren start up in the distance - a fire truck, I think.  
Then I heard what sounded like a siren start up very at the edge of our woods!  
I was thinking "whaaaat?"   Then the sound tapered off and I realized it was a coyote!

That was the most eerie and lonesome sounding noise I have ever heard. It made my hair stand on end!
He called out about 4 times with a single gruff barking sound in between. 

I wasn't scared but I did go up on the porch...don't want us to meet up by accident!

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