Saturday, July 4, 2015

trouble in darlaville

A few months ago, I posted about how we were able to fix our TV by ordering a new "lamp" for it....and that part is still working fine.   But since then these small white dots have been appearing on the screen and multiplying at a fast rate.  There are also black dots, too...that only show up on a light background.  So no matter what you are watching, you will see dots!

I guess that proves that when an older TV starts to go out, it's fruitless to start spending money on repairs.

So we bought a new TV...from Amazon. Free delivery and the driver even unboxed it and made sure it was working.

The manual for the new TV said we would get the very best picture by connecting it to the cable box with an HDMI cable.  I looked at our cable box and it didn't even have an HDMI port.

So, after a call to the cable company, I headed to their office in our town to exchange the box at no charge.
 But, when I got to their office, it was "closed until further notice".  Hmmm. It really looked abandoned. Too bad their phone reps weren't told about this!

So, another call to the cable company and a drive to the next nearest location...about 13 miles away.

I opened the door to see this...

That's what a 40 minute wait looks like!  But everyone was patient and resigned to the wait. The customer service folks were nice and even gave me an HDMI cable along with  the box.

Next, was a stop at Lowes, to get more cable cord, because we decided to rearrange the furniture and move the TV stand.  
Three hours after I left I arrived back home with all these goodies...then more time on the phone with the cable company so they could "activate the box"..

We still need to reroute the cable wiring...holes must be drilled...the cord must be fished through a dark scary crawlspace then threaded up from the basement beside the heat vent.    

There goes at least another three hours!   A fun day ahead..wish us luck!


  1. Been there !!! When ours came from Amazon they delivered it across the street. Luckily the people are really good friends since we've moved here, so across the road came Miss Judy carrying this tv. Then another call to the cable company and then after about 4 trips here and one really smelly cable man we are now in business, so hang in will all work out....we hope!!! HUGS DianeK

    1. Diane, LOL about the smelly cable guy!