Friday, July 17, 2015

second sewing class for kids

My quilt group, Mt Washington Quilting Bees, held the second half of our sewing class for kids earlier this week.  This time focusing on hand stitching.

Not as many girls attended this time, so I didn't really do any instructing.  The girls were in good hands with my capable fellow Bees!

Sandy had small embroidery hoops ready for the girls to practice hand stitching.

 Here is Carol demonstrating how to get started.
 In the background is the daughter of one of our members (she is a member too), a high schooler. She came to teach English paper piecing. She was so good with the younger girls and you could tell they felt flattered by the attention from someone older, but not old-old.

Here is Shirley, teaching "sewing on buttons".  Sandy had cut out tree shapes, which the girls had to stitch on to a background fabric...then sew buttons on each branch.

This little girl was so cute and enthusiastic...full of energy and personality. 

By the end of the class the girls started relaxing and feeling comfortable around each other.  They were sitting there chatting and laughing while they sewed...just like we quilters do when we get together!

I think they enjoyed the classes and learned a few  things.   We Bees sure enjoyed having them!

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