Friday, July 10, 2015

burnt ends - ever eaten any ?

Chopper, my older son, saw something interesting while watching one of those TV shows where they travel around the country and try out  restaurants.

They were highlighting a barbecue restaurant in Kansas City, where they serve, what apparently, is a specialty item there..."burnt ends".

It sounds like something you would just push aside on your plate, doesn't it?  It turns out that it's the tip ends of beef brisket, which become crispy and burned as the brisket is smoked.  (like pork rib tips?)
You can click HERE to read about them.

Knowing how Lonnie loves barbecue, Chopper asked him if he had ever tried burnt ends. Negative...Lonnie hadn't heard of them either...but his curiosity was piqued.

So, Chopper found a restaurant in Louisville that has them and brought some over for us all to try.

The restaurant is"  Momma's Mustard, Pickles and BBQ " named because they make their own pickles and mustard (sold by the jar there,too).

The burnt ends were nice big tasty chunks of brisket,  although not exactly what we were seeing when we looked at pictures online. They didn't have any charred areas on them at all.  Maybe we would have to actually go to Kansas City to get the real deal.

It was a really good meal, though. The servings are huge and the sides have a good homemade taste...and their pickles and mustard are good!
Lonnie wants to go there to try their BBQ pork one day soon.

Thanks for the nice meal, Chopper!

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