Tuesday, July 28, 2015

one more Ikea thing

So this is the item I really wanted at Ikea.
I came close to buying one the last time I was there, and I have been wishing I had bought it ever since.

It's a "Raskog"...a small wheeled storage cart.

Nearly everything you buy at Ikea has to be assembled when you get it home.

This went together pretty quick and easy.  Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen?

They come in beige and brown, too...but I liked the turquoise.

Here is where I will use it. In my sewing room, to keep my current projects organized and ready to work on. Now, when I have a few minutes to sew, I won't waste time gathering my materials. Everything will be ready to go.

The turquoise color almost perfectly matches this little step stool that I use to set my radio on in the sewing room.

The stool has quite a history. My great grandfather made it as a step for my great grandmother to use to step up into their car!  It's been around a lot of years and has been painted and repainted so many times that the edges are rounded.
It was turquoise when I got it. Maybe that's what influenced me to but the turquoise cart!

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