Saturday, July 25, 2015

quilt blocks, new and old

 My Homemakers quilt group, Crazy Quilters, met earlier this week at the extension office.
Everyone seemed to have an interesting project they were working on.  That's one thing I like about being in a quilting group...lots of inspiration in seeing the work of other quilters.

Marcella was working on these modern looking mitered stripe blocks.

At the opposite end of the quilting spectrum, Barbara was sewing these Dresden Plate blocks...hoping to finish them in time for an upcoming wedding.

We all had fun rummaging around in this pile of stuff that someone dropped off at the extension office for us. Unfortunately much of the fabric was not quilting fabric. Lot's of upholstery fabric, knits, and polyesters.
There were also boxes of older craft books.

Although I could see potential in all of it, I knew I didn't need to be dragging home more stuff (patting self on back and feeling righteous).

However, I did rescue these hand pieced blocks and partial blocks.  

I'm not sure what I will do with them. Some aren't very well constructed, some have stains or mildew, they all have sort of a weird smell.
I'll see what they look like after a good soak in sudsy water.  

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