Saturday, August 1, 2015

back to Whistle Stop

We were tired of routine household chores (me) and desk work (Lonnie) we decided to take a nice drive to Glendale and eat at Whistle Stop.

Lonnie has been wanting to go there again, ever since I told him that I had lunch there with my quilt group, on our outing last week.

It was a lovely sunny, blue sky day...nice for a drive.  Even though it's about a 35 mile drive, it's interstate highway most of the it's really about as fast as if we had driven across town to eat, and had to deal with the traffic.

Lonnie ordered a fried chicken dinner. They informed him it could take about 45 minutes since they cook everything to the order.

Well....we were already hungry so we were forced to order the fried green tomatoes as an appetizer!

Those dudes are filling!  We didn't eat them all, but still, Lonnie wondered where he was going to put his chicken dinner when it arrived at the table.

Wait for the close up....

I had bean soup and cornbread....which I couldn't finish either.  We brought enough food home for another meal.

There are a lot of antique/junk shops in Glendale.  After our meal we wandered around in one for a few minutes...just to look - not to buy.  Their stuff is pretty pricey anyway. 

And it was sort of hot in there we left!

It was a nice break in  the routine and an evening without dirty dishes to wash!  Yes!

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