Wednesday, August 5, 2015

this is a little too organic

This organic baby spring mix is something I buy at Kroger all of the time. I am not really buying just because it's organic. I like spring mix and they usually have this at a good price.

I recently made a nice salad with spring mix, cherry tomatoes and ranch dressing, and was sitting at the counter eating it while looking at my tablet (of course).
I felt something weird in my mouth, that at first, I thought was a tough stem on one of the lettuce leaves.

I pulled it out and OH GROSS!  It was a BIRD FEATHER!  

How sickening!   I started looking through the lettuce left in the package to see if there were more feathers or bird parts in there....and you won't even believe it...I found a dead grasshopper.

These aren't tiny little things.

Now how do you suppose not one, but two nasty things were in my spring mix package?

I called the Kroger toll free line. The customer service rep had a hard time with the fact that I was eating spring mix that was past the "sell by" that must have something to do with why there is nasty stuff in there.

She eventually made a report and credited my Kroger card the amount I paid for the spring mix. 
That hardly makes up for that unpleasant experience...I keep remembering the feel of that feather in my mouth.


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