Monday, August 24, 2015

weekend stuff

Saturday, I noticed a flurry of activity outside. The birds and squirrels all scattered and ran for cover.
Then, these two big old Black Vultures landed in the yard!

Directly, one of them waddled over to the bird bath and hopped up and got a drink.

Not exactly the pretty little song birds I was trying to attract with the birdbath!   The second vulture came over to the bath but didn't seem to understand how to hop up there.  He pecked around on the bottom of it and on the ground around it.  I figured it was a mother and child duo.

Notice below, some birds came back to the feeder. The vultures are not a threat to them but I guess it's the smaller bird's instinct to head for cover when a large bird comes swooping down out of  the sky.

Turkey Vultures are the ones with a red face and head. These Black Vultures have gray skin on their face and head.

And you know what?  

They taste just like chicken!

Whoa!  Just kidding of course!  I had to change the subject to Sunday dinner some way.

I never fry chicken anymore, myself.  I picked up some at W-mart.  I thought that's where the fried chicken I ate last week at the extension office was from...and it was so good.  But now I don't think so. This is drier with a hard crunchy crust.  Or did they just overcook it this time?  But it sure beats the greasy mess that frying chicken at home creates.

I did make the side dishes: mashed skin-on red potatoes, white gravy, biscuits, cole slaw, scalloped tomatoes, and green beans cooked with onions and ham.

I tried a new cheesecake recipe for dessert. It's called "Perfect Cheesecake Everytime".  It did come out good...I would make it again.  Forgot to get a photo, though.
I made a caramel sauce to drizzle over it too...but I goofed up and burned it a I just picked up a bottle of caramel ice cream topping when I went to pick up the chicken.  It did the trick!

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