Friday, August 7, 2015

day trip in Indiana

Lonnie and I did something different earlier this week. We drove up to Carmel, Indiana to tour a new Mormon Temple that has been built up there.

No, we aren't thinking of becoming Mormons.  I had read an article online about this new temple being open for public tours  - before they hold their dedication. After that, no admittance!
I was just curious about how it looks inside of a Mormon Temple.

I guess I'm not the only one who was curious, they said over 60,000 people had visited in the last few weeks. There was a steady stream of people going through while we were there.

The building wasn't as big as I expected.

On top of the building is a gold figure, the angel Moroni, playing a trumpet.

Our guide took us through several rooms, explaining the symbolism of some of the decorative features and telling what each room is used for.   It was interesting and educational.
No photos allowed these are pictures of pictures...

several brightly lit areas

baptismal pool

A fountain and nice landscaping outside.

Now we know!

On the way home we set the GPS for a pit stop in Indianapolis at.....

After we parked the car and put money in the meter box ( this was an all newfangled experience), we found out that The Old Spaghetti Factory doesn't open until 5:00...about an hour later.

We were hankering for spaghetti so we decided to wait it out across the street Irish Pub. 

Look at this! Quilt patterns on the floor!

They had outdoor seating on the shady side of the building so we sat out there watching the world go by, waiting for 5 o'clock.

After dinner we headed home and found we had a big storm in our area. Leaves and twigs and patio furniture cushions blown around the yard. No damage though.

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