Saturday, August 15, 2015

homemakers auction and potluck

Each year, when it's time for Homemakers to renew their membership, Ruth, our extension agent holds a meeting day for all the homemakers in all the groups.

New calenders and booklets are handed out. Upcoming activities are discussed.  And of course, we eat !

Sometimes the meal is catered, but this time everyone was asked to bring a side dish or dessert, to go along with fried chicken contributed by the extension office (from Walmart, I think).

I took the opportunity to make a something using up some jalapenos from my husband's garden.

I cut 2 straight sides on a flour tortilla, spread with cream cheese, sprinkled with parmesan, diced roasted jalapenos and diced red bell peppers.

Then I rolled them up and sliced them.

They were good. I had to test a couple to make sure they weren't too hot.

Here is a look at the food everyone brought...

No one leaves hungry!

Another table for desserts....

There was also a silent auction to raise money for ovarian cancer research.  Some of the ladies donated hand crafted items to be auctioned off.

I bid on this fabric pumpkin but didn't win it.   Look at the cute wreath made from flip flops right behind it!

I also bid on another cute fall decoration on the left here...didn't win that one I came home empty handed.    

Except for a big plate of chicken. There was so much fried chicken left over, they told us all to take some with us.
Lonnie was glad to see me walking in with that!  And I didn't have to cook supper! 

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