Monday, August 17, 2015

birthday boy

We celebrated my older son's birthday this weekend.

Here he is, just opening a card from Lonnie, who always writes a lot of good and funny things in cards.
Plus there was some cash in there! Always a welcome gift.
We also gave Chopper a book and an electronic thingy that has to do with recording music (he plays a bass).

I always ask the birthday person to pick out what they want for their birthday meal.  Some years he asks for cheese subs (I think just to annoy his brother, who doesn't really like them - it's sort of a joke now).
This year he asked for beef Fajitas with all the fixings.  I hadn't made them for a long time but they came out pretty good.  

For the birthday cake he asked for chocolate cake with white icing.

I've only ever made a few cakes from scratch, but since cake mixes seem to be getting smaller and of lower quality, I decided to make a chocolate cake recipe from  Click HERE  to see the recipe if you are interested.

It made a huge cake. The instructions were, to bake in three round cake pans, but I baked it in two 9"square pans instead.   There was a layer of cream cheese frosting in the middle and sweetened whipped cream on the outside.

It was a good cake recipe. Chocolatey and not overly sweet. We had a tub of Turkey Hill gelato to go with it.

Happy Birthday, Chopper!!

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