Wednesday, August 26, 2015

textiles booth at the fair

It's State Fair time!   Every year, my quilting group, the Mt Washington Quilting Bees, volunteers to spend a day in the textiles area, demonstrating quilting and other needlework to interested fair goers.

We get started soon after the gates open so there are still some closer parking spaces available. The food booths are getting ready for business and it's hard to walk past them with all those good smells coming from within.

Here is my partial selfie with "Freddy Farm Bureau".  There is a live person somewhere, who does his voice. They can see and hear whoever is standing in front of Freddy.    You feel sort of weird talking to him...but it seems rude not to.

Here is where we the textiles demonstration area 

My friend, Shirley was doing something a little different. She was showing how she makes winter caps on a circular loom.  She always had a crowd around her asking questions. 

More of the group here...showing English paper piecing and handing out little kits.
We were all so busy talking to visitors and sewing...the time passed really fast.

There were also a couple of "hookers" at the tables with us.   Well...Rug Hookers  - their craft is called rug hooking!  That's what the lady in pink on the left, with a wooden frame in front of her, is doing.

When our shift was over I took a quick look through the rows and rows of quilts on display.
 So much talent and skill... I don't see how they can pick the winners.

These miniature ones are so cute!

Below is what I was working on in the textiles booth.  Hand sewing these "Tumbling Blocks".  

When I got home I sewed up a few more while sitting outside on the back porch...enjoying the perfect weather! 

These aren't pressed or sewn to together in rows yet....just laid out to see that dimensional effect.   This will be a good take-a-long project to work on over time.

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