Tuesday, August 18, 2015

more birthdays

We actually helped celebrate more birthdays this past  weekend.  Three of Lonnie's great grandchildren have August birthdays, as well as a grandson and another grandson's wife. Whew!

They had a cookout to celebrate all  the birthdays at once. Here is the kids table...

Oops, one was missing! The two on the left are both having birthdays. All of these kids are Lonnie's great grandchildren. The third birthday boy didn't get in the photo...he was too busy to eat!

The kids spent the day jumping on a trampoline they had there, running up and down a dirt mound that covers a storm cellar, and racing in and out of the house.
Presents were opened and no one had a meltdown because they weren't the one receiving gifts! Good kids!

Here is Lonnie with his oldest great grandson, who is nearly as tall as Great Grandpa!

I got a little surprise of an early birthday gift, too!  These hand woven pot holders that the girls made.
Now isn't that sweet!

Yellow is my favorite color.  They are too pretty to use as potholders, I might use them as coasters instead.

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