Thursday, August 20, 2015

what I am sewing

I have finally gotten started on a quilt that I bought fabric for back in May 2013.

I've been putting it off...mostly because of the instructions.  The first step tells you to cut all your fabric pieces for  the whole quilt.   This seemed like a scary idea to me.  This fabric was a little more expensive than I usually buy and I didn't want to get goofed up and waste it by making bad cuts.

So I had to figure out the cuts I needed to make one block for a test.  Everything came out fine after some squinting and forehead wrinkling.
It's a BIG block, almost 22"square!

Can you see how it's designed to look three dimensional?  It's more evident from a distance. Can you see it in the photo below?

The name of the pattern is Labyrinth Walk.  One of my quilt group friends had made this pattern and brought it for show and tell. I liked it because it is a masculine looking quilt, and modern looking. 
 My friend told me what magazine the pattern came from and offered to lend me hers, but I went ahead and ordered a back issue for myself.  It's a good thing I did...since I've taken so long to get started on it.

Here is a page to show the finished quilt. Mine will be rectangular instead of square - I am adding an extra row for more length.

I've blurred out some measurements on the page (copyrighted) , but you can see it is least this first block was for me. Challenging!

There are two different blocks that make up the pattern, so now I need to figure out what to cut to make a test block for the other one.

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