Saturday, August 29, 2015

baby turkeys are growing

Last month I showed some photos of a wild turkey family that passes through the back yard fairly regularly.
At that time there were lots of baby least sixteen.

There aren't as many now, but the ones that remain are really growing fast!

I couldn't get a good count on them, some would disappear into the woods while others were still coming from behind  the shed.

Now the mama is walking across the driveway. 

Hey, now they are out front!

"Oh no...looks like they've got us surrounded, Paw!"

"And they're closing in on us, Maw!"

Then they moseyed on...

Crow and Bunny watched them disappear into the sunset.

Actually, I think crow was trying to figure out if Bunny was selfishly eating something good over there.
It was just sort of funny to see them so close together.

I really like living here -  where I see so many birds and wild animals.

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