Friday, August 14, 2015

light bulbs

Are you as confused about light bulbs as I am?

Ever since "they" announced that incandescent light bulbs would be phased out, I have been confused and worried about what I am going to use for light.

I really like those good old incandescent bulbs...especially in the kitchen. I want that kitchen lit up like an operating room!  My overhead fixture in there uses two 100 watt bulbs....

....and I don't intend to ever run out of them...

I did some stocking up before they phased them out.

I haven't been a fan of the CFL bulbs.  Even though I was ready to try them out, for energy savings, way back in 1996. That's when I bought a couple of these bulbs.  I wrote the date on them so I could see how long they lasted.  It wasn't a good  test though, because it's hard to find a place to use them. They look stupid sticking out of a light fixture and they are too tall to fit under the harp of any of my lamps.

I just don't like the cold dead look of the light from fluorescent bulbs.

On our recent trip to Ikea, my older son picked up some of these LED bulbs. Trusting his judgement, I bought a couple of packages for my younger son and myself.  I like them pretty well and they were reasonably priced.  

My younger son really likes them too. He is all about saving money on electricity, so he ran a test using a kilowatt measuring gadget that he has, to compare the energy usage of different types of light bulbs...and he made these detailed charts to show the results.  You might have to biggie size this to read it.

This second chart is a real eye opener! You can see how much more the incandescents cost over time.
(these figures are based on burning the bulbs 24 hours a day)

It looks like my secret hoard of 100 watt bulbs are going to cost me in the long run. But, I only use them in  the kitchen, and then only when I'm working in there.
We usually turn on the under-cabinet, cold, dead fluorescent lighting after I'm finished in there for the evening.
So we have light when we run in there and look for snacks!

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  1. I'm making the switch to LEDs. I like the daylight ones, not the yellow, dingy ones. 60 watt equall brightness ones run $6-$10 so the process is taking a while. 25 for our main lighting from the ceiling fans, 11 in the bathrooms, 3 or 4 in table lamps, 4 in the fixture over the table...