Friday, August 21, 2015

around the yard

One morning I saw this small hawk land on the back porch.  I snapped a couple of photos through the door glass

It looks like he is inspecting that bag of mulch. Some little critter must be hiding underneath. 
Now he sees me moving my camera inside.  That's why they say, "eyes like a hawk"!

Those flowers you see right off the porch are St. Johns Wort.  I planted those last year and I like them. They have yellow flowers that last a long time then gradually turn darker and berry-like.
I think I should have pinched the stems back in the spring, so they would develop more stalks and not look so leggy. Hopefully, I will remember to do this next spring!  

This is the flower bed I overhauled this year. It still has some bare spots.  Some little sharp toothed bunny ate my newly purchased Clethra to the ground.  I'll have to find something to replace it next year.

This Joe Pye Weed was also new this year. I guess bunnies don't like the taste of them!  Butterflies are attracted, though.

And, a pretty morning sky!   Red sky at morning, sailors take warning!

Summer is slipping away from us...I am noticing how much later the sun comes up.

I heard this recently...the number of foggy mornings in August will be the number of snows we have in the coming winter.  There have been four so far.

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