Tuesday, August 25, 2015

more sewing

Generally, on Mt Washington Quilting Bees' meeting days, one of the members will hold a short class to teach others a pattern or sewing or quilting technique.

I like to get in on these classes, it's fun...and even if it's something I already know how to do, I am still likely to learn something...either from the teacher or some of the other quilters.

My friend, Carol (who is also our new president), was teaching this class called Crazy Kaleidoscope.

You take nine squares of different fabrics and stack them up, Then you make a cut through the whole stack, shuffle the sections, and sew them to a different fabric. Repeat a few times until all the blocks are totally mixed.

You can stack up another nine squares and do it all over if you want to make a larger quilt.  I just stopped with nine...and put them together with sashing and borders to make this table topper sized quilt.
 It's roughly 30 "square.

This is just a top so far...I still need to quilt it.   I used some Christmas fabrics so I will have a colorful little table topper to add to my decorations this year.

This technique is pretty much the same as the pattern I used when I made this quilt in the picture below, for my older son back in 2013.

That quilt pattern had a specific shape to follow when cutting through  the squares, whereas the one from the class was just "cut where you wish".  Quick and fun...it would be a good way to make a fast baby quilt, too.

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