Saturday, October 3, 2015

another soup idea

This is one of those soups that will probably never be duplicated exactly...because I was just putting together what I had on hand.  Looking for a way to use some chicken breasts cooked on the grill that were too dry to eat as leftovers.

That jar with the green lid is a cilantro cooking base. It was on clearance. It was okay, but not great, so I wouldn't look for it again.  

I had this frozen corn mix from Sam's.  We didn't really care for it as a side dish, but it's good for soup!

 So, we have corn, black beans, tomatoes, onion,  jalapeno, red bell pepper, chicken, chicken base, cilantro base, cumin, bay leaf, a little chili powder, basil and salt and pepper. 

Everything is in the pot...ready to simmer....

When the soup was ready, I sliced some corn tortillas into strips and fried them until crispy. 

A nice crunchy topper for the soup.  I should have tried baking them instead  - healthier that way.

This turned out to be a good combination. Hearty with the beans, but lots of veggies in there too.

I considered adding a diced sweet potato during the cooking, but I wasn't sure how it would go with the tomatoes. 

So really, this is more of an idea for a soup than an exact recipe, but I will add it to the recipe page anyway.

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