Monday, October 5, 2015

Christmas stockings

My friend Janet, is participating in some charitable sewing of Christmas stockings.
The stockings will be sold at the Festival of Trees and Lights as a fund raiser for Kosair Children's Hospital.

The way it works, is that sets of the stockings are passed from volunteer to volunteer, and each one does one step of the process of getting them assembled.

Janet is also a member of the Mt Washington Quilting Bees, and at our last sewing day, she asked if any of us would be interested in doing the quilted part of the stockings (only three stockings each , front and back).  We could work on them at home and give them back to her at our next meeting.

Well, I like quilting! So I said yes!

This is the way they were bundled. Someone else has already cut the stocking fabric and batting, and fabric for the cuff and a hanging loop. Also included, were liners that had already been sewn to shape.

 My only job was to quilt the fabric and batting together, then sew front and back sections together. Janet had included some coordinating thread for the quilting...

...but I ran low on it and had to use white for the third stocking. I hope this is okay.

 When the quilting was finished I sewed both sides of the stockings together and turned them right side out...

...and pinned each set back together to give back to Janet so the next person can sew on the cuff or sew in the liner...what ever the next step is.

Many hands make light work!

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