Saturday, October 24, 2015

sewing fund raising items

Chopper helped me out with my computer problem and all seems to be okay for now.  I still think I might need to get a new computer, before this one does poop out and I lose stuff I have on here.   We'll see.

What I have been working on, are some rotary cutter cases that my quilt group, Mt Washington Quilting Bees, will be selling to raise funds for our group.

I made a few of them from some quilt blocks I had sewn for something else and didn't use.

I cut them to shape and layered and quilted them, then added a snap or velcro closure.  
I never really feel like I am very good at this sort of I am happy to have them finished.

 Bees group members are making these and a couple of other items and will be selling them at an event called  "One Stop Shop Hop".   It's where several quilt shops in the surrounding areas jointly rent the conference center and set up their wares to sell.
One big shopping day!

They are letting my quilt group set up a table to sell our things, in exchange for some of our members helping them get their "shops" set up at the venue.

Hope someone will buy some of these cases there!  $5 each!

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