Friday, October 23, 2015

computer problem

When I tried to load my latest photos on my computer, it told me I need to "free up some disk space", but when I try to do that it tells me "there is not enough disk space to perform the task"...and a "fatal error" has occurred. (and it makes a scary warning noise!)

So, no photos today...and probably not until I can get some advice and help from my sons.

It's a pretty old computer, but I haven't replaced it because I mostly use my android tablet. It may be time to upgrade.

Well, I have an idea...I will show some old vacation photos!

These are from 2007 Australia.  The Sydney Opera House.

A funny sign in a hotel room...

The speedometer in our rental car.  Yes, I was going 100, but it was kilometers per hour. I am not sure what this equals in miles per hour.

That's the Sydney Harbor Bridge behind us there.  They actually have tours where you climb over the top of the bridge (they tether you to something so you can't fall off).  Heavens no, we didn't do it!

 A view of the Sydney skyline...

Now, I am off to email my sons for some computer help!

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