Saturday, October 10, 2015

when it rains - I sew

Red sky at morning - sailors take warning!   I think that's the old saying.

But these photos were from earlier in the week and it did not rain that day. It was sure a pretty sunrise though. 

But we did get an all day drizzle on Friday, which is supposed to be my vacuum and dusting day...but I snuck up to the sewing room instead!

I got quite a bit done. Another row on this Labyrinth Walk quilt (but I had one block finished already).

The 3D look is becoming more apparent can see it's looking more like a maze.

I was worried that I would get tired of working on a quilt with only a few colors...but that isn't happening. This one is challenging.  This is only half the blocks that I will need for the top and now I am wondering if I will have enough fabric, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

My husband asked if I would like to go down to Moby Dick to eat, so I wouldn't have to deal with meal prep and clean up, and I'd have more sewing time.    Of course I would!
What a sweetie!

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