Friday, October 16, 2015

Quilting Bees, all day sewing

My quilt group, Mt Washington Quilting Bees, had reserved a day ( 9am to 9pm) at the Extension Office for our group. They set up the big room for us to spend a day sewing, socializing, and sharing potluck lunch and dinner.

There were only 20 of us participating so we had lots of room to spread out.  The room is nice and bright and has electrical outlets in the we don't have to string up extension cords to get all our machines plugged in.

Plenty of empty floor space to lay out a work in progress. This one is Jackie's.

That's Ruth, our Extension Agent, standing.  She made sure everything was ready and the tables were all set up when we got there. Also coffee was brewing and a pitcher of ice water set out..  

We brought lots of stuff from home to set up for a comfortable day of sewing, and plenty of projects to work on.

There were a couple of counter height tables to use when cutting fabric...

...and irons and ironing boards set up ....

We all like to walk around the room to see what everyone is working on. 

Some were hand sewing, some were machine sewing...

It's fun to socialize and at the same time do something constructive.

We learn a lot from each other. Someone always shares a shortcut or easy way of doing something.

And also there is sharing lots of good food!

And desserts!

The day passed fast and as it got later we started losing momentum, one by one. I left for awhile, then went back (in time for supper) and stayed until around 8pm.  By that time, there were only about 3 die-hard quilters left.

Everyone said how much they enjoyed the day and are looking forward to doing it again next year!

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