Thursday, October 8, 2015

sewing together some Bees

This week at the Mt Washington Quilting Bees, a couple of the members, Pam and Jo Ann, held a class to get us started on sewing quilts with a honey bee design.  You can see the ones they finished, hanging up to show, back behind the tables.

They also had this small one, wall hanging size. Each square is one inch!

They emailed a supplies list so we could have our fabric cut and ready for which ever one of the three sizes we wanted to make.   
In class, they showed us how to sew the tricky parts, like the bee's legs and antennae.

Here is my friend, Shirley. She is making the medium size. Look at the other three ladies in the photo. It's like they are diving for cover when I come by with my camera!    It's okay, I'll get them next time!

 Below is my friend, Diane, on the right. Look how organized she is!  All her fabric squares stacked and labeled in a basket.  She is the only one in the class who decided to make the largest bee.

As usual, I am easily distracted when sewing in a group, so I didn't get much done at the meeting.

But when I got home, instead of taking my sewing gear upstairs, I took it out to the screen porch and set up to sew out there.   The weather was perfect. I was peaceful and content. 

 I am making the smallest bee - the one with one inch squares...but I am changing the design on mine (you can see I have sketched it out on graph paper below).  I wanted to make it more square rather than rectangular.
I don't need a wall hanging , but I have an idea of something else to use it for.

That's how much I got finished.  It is just laid out in partial rows for now.  There is going to be a lot of seam matching when it's time to sew rows together!


  1. Darla you stinker,,,,I didn't know you had your camera out. I was so engrossed in what JoAnn was telling about doing the Bee's legs I didn't see what you were doing. You were suppose to be working on your bee.....I'll get you sometime....your BEE is looking really pretty, just wondering what you have in store to do with him...I love your maze you are putting together...its coming along wonderfully....It will be a really pretty one when you are done. HUGS Diane

    1. Diane, I didn't mean to be sneaky getting your picture. I just wanted to show how organized you were with your cut fabric.
      Thank you for the complments! Thinking I might use my Bee on a big tote bag...or it would make a pretty pillow too.