Tuesday, October 6, 2015

lovely fall weather

I am so glad we are getting some sunshine and warm weather again.  After a couple of rainy, gloomy, cool days it's nice to see sunny skies!

We did need the rain, though. Everything was so dry.
 It made the grass grow...at least the crabgrass...as you can see by this photo of my back yard.

I got everything else mowed with the riding mower and was just getting ready to use the push mower here in back (since there is a lot to trim around).  The angle of the sun was so pretty I stopped to take some photos.

I like mowing and I'm sort of sad that it's over for the year (probably).

Here is a closer look at those Mums by the birdbath.  They were small bargain mums that I planted last fall and they were slow to get started last spring. But they are blooming right on schedule.

So probably more yard work today...trimming and sweeping...pulling a few weeds.

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