Thursday, October 29, 2015

greedy chipmunk

Earlier this week I was visiting my parents and watching the birds at the bird feeder they have mounted on their porch railing.

They had quite a few birds coming around,,,chickadees, tufted titmouse and, nuthatches.  But then the big greedy bully shows up...a chipmunk!  He goes on both sides of the feeder to cram as many seeds as he can into his cheeks.   He scampers off to store them in his burrow to eat later this winter. But then he comes back and repeats the process!

Can you see him on the right side of the feeder? You might have to biggie size the picture.

My mother gets mad at him because he scares the birds away and makes such a pig of himself.
Here he is again - just to the right of their "hen and chicks" planter...

It's kind of surprising what good climbers they are. It's hard to outsmart them when they know there are seeds to be had.

Later that day at home, the sun tried to come out a bit and gave us a lovely but short lived rainbow.

I don't usually see them at this time of year - mostly in June or July.

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