Tuesday, October 13, 2015

replacing screens

These pretty fall days are like bonus days for taking care of outdoor projects that I didn't get around to over the summer.

Like replacing a few screens on the screen porch. There are a lot of sections of screen there, so we usually just replace them as needed.  Only if there is a large hole or a tear - like this one.

It isn't really hard. You start by prying and popping off the trim pieces.

Oh, this is gross..a lady beetle grave yard. Dozens of them. They must have crawled behind this piece to hide during winter.

Anyway, next you remove the rubber spline that holds the screen. If you are careful with it, you can re-use it.

I use the old screen as a pattern for cutting the new one.

 Getting the new screen up is the hardest part, I like to get the top secured first...then bottom , then sides.
Just use a screen tool to push the spline and screen edge into the channel.

Replace the trim pieces by whacking them into their tracks with a rubber mallet.

Ta-Da !!  One done and two more to go.

The other two are on the other side of the porch. There is an ivy bed on that side, and of course I got side tracked trimming back the ivy so I could get to the screens.  
I had to get the wheelbarrow out to put the trimmings in, then had to dump those, then stopped to pick some jalapenos out of the garden, had to take those in...and so forth.  By then it was getting late to start on another section.
I will get to them another day!

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