Monday, December 21, 2015

a family Christmas party

We had two separate family Christmas gatherings over the weekend. 

The first time was at our house...Lonnie's sons and their families. That includes grand children and great grand children.

Soon after they all arrived, I put food out for everyone to serve themselves.

I took more people pictures than food pictures that day. But I did get a photo of the beef stew and chicken and dumplings...after everyone got theirs. 
I made these the day before (except dumplings which I cooked that morning.  The beef stew all disappeared later in the evening when a couple of the men were ready to eat again.

There was also sandwich fixing, chips, deviled eggs, a veggie/dip tray, and won ton appetizers. Oh, and cookies and nuts.
The kids had a picnic in front of the TV.

Christmas would really be fun if we could all wear a dress like this one!  Imagine all the twirling and skipping we would do!

Look at this handsome!

 After we ate, Grandpa Lonnie talked to the kids about the Nativity scene and the celebration of Jesus' birth.

Then it was time to pass out gifts...

This requires some help from Mom...

Lonnie with two of his sons...and a jar of homemade pickles!

The kids were good and played with their new toys awhile. 

 Then they got wound up and started stampeding through the house!  This always seems to happen when they realize that they can make a complete circle...through the family room, dining room, kitchen, front room, foyer...and round and round again.
It's harmless really, but it gets crazier and louder until the parents make them stop.

Soon they were worn out from playing and a couple of the younger ones were in need of a nap. The moms loaded up the shoes, cups and toys and headed for home.

Later,  here is Lonnie's grandson and sons, talking and telling funny stories. I wish the photo were better but I didn't want them to notice me taking pics and stop their conversation.

We always try to schedule this gathering on the weekend before Christmas, since so many have extended and blended families they will be seeing around Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


  1. Chicken & dumplings looks yummy. I make my dumplings noodle-like, mix flour & whole eggs, roll to 1/8" or so, cut with pizza wheel cutter, add to gently boiling chicken. Like to roast my chicken first for flavor, pinch it to bits or crush it with the rolling pin for mouth feel rather than knife cutting, add a bit of carrot/celery/onion from roasting to the pot for variety... Been meaning to buy some white pepper...

    1. Thanks! That's about the same way I make dumplings. I let them dry a bit after slicing if I'm not in a hurry.
      Didn't think about roasting the chicken...always stewed. Probably roasting gives the veggies a nice rich flavor!
      I use those same veggies. Sometimes have thrown in some canned peas for color.