Monday, December 7, 2015

pizza company Christmas party

We have been to Nashville for the pizza company Christmas celebration.
I always like the views from this hotel. You can see a long way since Nashville is mostly flat.

So what's in our "welcome" packet?  A couple of tee shirts, a pizza cutter, our name tags and the schedule for the weekend.

Since the four brothers are there for the event, the three sisters are invited, too. It's an opportunity for them to all get together between meetings and activities.

Here's Terrie, Don and Jim.   We were exchanging Christmas gifts.  See that suitcase in front of Don?  He pulled a big joke on us all...pretending it was full of gifts and telling us we would get gifts numbered 3, 4 and 7 and so forth...funny! What a ham!

Here is Betty, Charlie and Terrie (again).  I see I caught myself in the photo too - reflected in the mirrored cabinet to the right of Terrie.

Here is Lonnie, the most handsome one. (is he eating chips again?) That's Mary in the background.

The fancy dinner was that evening. We cleaned up pretty good!

There is Lonnie's son, Vic, who works for the company, and Vic's wife. 

We were so pooped out from all the activities that we slipped away before the festivities were completely over.  Wouldn't you know it...they called all the family members to the stage near the end of the evening.  We had better not try that again!

But we were rested and up early the next morning to see this pretty view of the sun coming up over the city.

Those are cables used by window washers in the photo above. That spaceship looking building is a big stadium.

And another view but slightly to the right.  I noticed that the two churches in the foreground do not have their steeples lit up.  In the Louisville area it is common to see lights shining up at church steeples. Maybe they don't do it everywhere.

We passed the time on the drive home by singing Christmas songs...and trying to remember which day was "lords a' leaping" and which day was "maids a' milking" in that Twelve Days of Christmas song.

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