Wednesday, December 2, 2015

pincushion gift swap

One of my quilt groups meets early each month, so our December Christmas party is coming right up.

This year the theme for our gift exchange is "a pincushion made from something from around the house (except a coffee cup)".

I looked all over my house for something to use for a pincushion, and I couldn't find one thing that seemed suitable, so I cheated and went to Peddlers Mall (an indoor flea market type of a place).
I was looking for something like a small teapot or a mini watering can...maybe a tiny birdhouse.

The ones I found were either too big or too ugly. What I ended up with was this cute little ballerina vase...and only two dollars!

Perfect because I could sew  a pincushion to fit in the vase.  I got out some fabric scraps to choose one to match.  
Hmmm...any of these would be okay, but not great.  Wrong green, wrong pink, too blah!

Then I remembered this oriental looking fabric that came from someone else's scraps awhile back. It has a lot of gold in it that would pick up the gold accents on the vase...and some pink flowers too.

All finished. I was going to glue the pincushion in but I was afraid I would make a mess of it. It's just tightly wedged in there.

It will be fun to see what the other ladies in my group have come up with. There are sure to be some clever ones!

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