Tuesday, December 15, 2015

giant footwear of the Sasquatch

The Sasquatch works 10 hour shifts, during which he is mostly on his feet, walking...it really is 10 or more miles every shift.

His feet had started bothering him so he decided to look for some really good fitting, supportive shoes.

After some research he ended up at a "New Balance" shoe store. They have a device that will not only measure your foot, but also analyze weight distribution, and recommend a size and style of shoe that will be the best possible fit.

It's a full service shoe store. The clerk brought out nine pairs of shoes for the Sasquatch to try on...and actually put them on his feet and watched to see how they affected his gait...spending about 45 minutes on the whole process.

The Sasquatch ended up with the shoes that were the top recommended ones based on the results of the measuring device.

They are enormous!

Size 14 wide width !!  The shoes also correct a slight pronation (rolling inward of the foot) and get the weight on the outer edges of his foot where it should be.

He said they are a bit loose when he first puts them on, but by the end of his shift his feet have spread and the extra width is needed.

The new shoes made a huge difference! He said even though his feet were still tired at the end of his shift...they weren't hurting.

I am really impressed with a store that offers such good service and well made products... even keeping unusual sizes actually in stock - not special order.
New Balance shoe stores.

I might have to stop by there myself!

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