Monday, December 28, 2015

it was a happy holiday

On Christmas Eve we had a beautiful full moon. It was out early in the evening...before it was completely dark outside.

We had a really nice Christmas Day.

We started with a late brunch....

Thick cut bacon, sausage links, cheesy scrambled eggs, drop biscuits, cream gravy, hash browns, ham and swiss crescent braid,  baked mixed fruit, and cinnamon rolls.

I tried out Pioneer Woman's drop biscuits - click to see her recipe
I like her recipe better than the recipe I've been using.

My cinnamon rolls (sticky buns) came out pretty good this time. Sometimes I have trouble with recipes using yeast, but this time I was very careful and followed all the steps exactly.

Afterwards, we had our gift exchange, then had eggnog and then later cookies!

Torn wrapping paper and empty boxes when it was all over...

When it started getting late, I helped Chopper and the Sasquatch load up some leftovers and some baggies of cookies to take home with them.
I'll see them again in 2016 (next week, ha ha!)

Then for two days, it has rained and rained!  We took a drive Sunday afternoon. Lots of standing water around our area.

The Salt River is up...

See that guy fishing below? There on the left.  Surely he can't be catching anything!

Notice how green the grass is. With the warm temperatures and rain, we'll be getting our lawnmowers out again!

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