Friday, December 18, 2015

Crazy Quilters Christmas party

Another special Christmas celebration...this time with my quilt group at the extension office, Crazy Quilters.

We have a potluck dinner and a gift swap of two different items. One is a yard of fabric,, and the other can be anything - sewing related or not.

My packages are ready...

My friend, Wanda, went early and had the table set up beautifully with these decorative trees and snowflakes that she hand made!

See how cute they look down the middle of the table...

At each seat around the table, Wanda placed one of these sweet little packages that she also made by hand. Sweet when you open them too...candy inside!

Here is the table for the gift swap packages. Fabric swap on one side....

Other gifts on the other side.....

We had this group photo, but everyone hadn't arrived yet.

Here is the potluck table.....lets see...ramen noodle salad, veggie casseroles, pineapple casserole, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and more. Everyone pitched in to buy chicken tenders.

On this end are the desserts.  There on the left is Linda's absolutely delicious white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.  In the back, there is a Jam Cake with caramel icing...Dee's family recipe. It was the first time I'd ever tasted one. So good! Everything was good!

After Barbara said the blessing it was dinnertime...

Hey, wait for me!

The young lady on the left is Barbara's grand daughter, who joined us for the evening.  Joan is way in the back there, putting some Christmas music on a CD player she brought.

Time to open gifts!  We drew numbers to see which package would be ours....

Barbara opens hers first... she got a gift certificate to a quilt shop.

Isolde got a magnetic spotlight for her sewing machine...

Wanda received some pretty fabric...

Linda received a wax warmer. I wasn't familiar with them, but it seems you put scented wax inside and warm it, to release the aroma.  Like candles but without an open flame.

Susan got the gift I'd brought...a quilted wall hanging  kit.

Jan opened a "SideWinder".  It's an electric gadget that can wind bobbins for your sewing machine, so you don't have to stop and un-thread your machine each time. 

Oooohhhh, a box of candy for Cheryl!

There were more, but photos were blurry.

Here is what I received...A cookie making mix with a small cast iron pan to bake it in, a notepad, and sachet.
Also that gray patterned fabric in the upper right.

We all had a fun time, but missed one of our members who wasn't able to be at the gathering this year.  I put on a few extra pictures today, hoping she can join the party by looking through them.
Merry Christmas, Rita...and Happy New Year! Come back soon!

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